Compared to conventional excavation, hydrovac companies can help you save money in several significant ways. They reduce liability concerns while minimizing the risk of injuries or damage to utility lines. Nonetheless, there may be variations in the rates offered by different hydro-excavation services. A single company might also charge varying prices depending on how you plan a job. Be sure to think about:

  • Travel costs
  • Hourly expenses
  • Minimum charges
  • Emergency rates
  • Late fees



One way to ensure that you’ll receive the lowest hydrovac rates in Edmonton is to choose a local service provider. This will prevent you from having to pay extra fees for additional travel time. Vacuum trucks consume a considerable amount of fuel. Longer distances means more fuel burned and more wear and tear on the vehicle, meaning a higher cost.


Hydrovac services normally bill by the hour. An eight-hour job will cost about twice as much as a four-hour assignment. However, most hydrovac companies maintain minimum charges. If possible, try to schedule multiple tasks on a single day. This will result in the lowest hourly expense.


You can save a considerable amount of money by carefully planning ahead. Call the company at least seven days before you need the work to be performed. This allows the company to conveniently fit your task into its schedule. If you ask them to excavate the site in one or two days, you may have to pay higher emergency rates.


The hydro-excavation process fills a vacuum truck with soil, gravel and other matter. If you ask the service provider to dump these materials elsewhere, this can come at an extra charge for disposal. You may avoid this expense by providing a dump site that the contractor can use.



Normally, payment isn’t required from customers before the work is performed. Typically there will be a set number of days that will elapse before payment is due. Remember to settle the bill in full prior to this time limit. Otherwise, you may have to pay a lateness penalty in addition to the standard hourly rate and dumping fee.


Competitive prices are frequently the product of wise business decisions. The right staff, equipment and practices make it possible for a firm to offer the most affordable hydrovac rates. Be sure to choose an experienced company that prioritizes efficiency. We provide free quotes to individuals who contact us by phone.

When they want the best hydrovac rates, Edmonton residents turn to us. Our company is located in Edmonton where numerous clients require hydro-excavation services on a regular basis. We also use efficient scheduling and routing to minimize the cost of fuel and labor. For a free estimate and more information about our services, please call us at 587-410-5835.

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