What Hydrovac Services Do We Provide?

In today’s changing business and environmental climate, it’s more important now than ever before to utilize efficient, environmentally-friendly excavation and cleaning options whenever possible, and our hydrovac services provide exactly that. Designed as a safer, less destructive, and more efficient solution for excavating, trenching, drilling, locating, and cleanups, hydrovac systems are becoming the new standard in a variety of industries. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular hydrovac services to help you better understand this increasingly popular excavating and cleaning solution.

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Hydrovac excavation involves the use of high-pressure jets of water to loosen material in need of removal and extracting it to a truck’s onboard tank via a powerful vacuum. The material is then properly disposed of according to today’s strict environmental protocols. While our hydrovac trucks can be used for the excavation and cleanup of nearly any type of material, they’re commonly used in the utility, oil and gas, construction, civil engineering, and telecom industries.

Excavation via hydrovac is much safer than traditional excavation methods, as it results in far fewer instances of electrocution due to the hitting of underground utility lines. According to Alberta Municipal Affairs, there were 782 electrical incidents reported in Alberta in 2012. Hydrovac excavation can greatly reduce this number.

Hydrovac excavation is also twice as fast as mechanical excavation, much more environmentally-friendly, and able to be used in the tightest of spaces, allowing it to quickly become the new norm for project managers throughout Edmonton, Alberta, and the rest of Canada.

Pile Holes

Thanks to its precision, efficiency, and ability not to disturb the surroundings, hydro excavation is ideal for the excavation of pile holes. Unlike other forms of excavation, hydrovac excavation doesn’t damage power lines and underground utilities which are often uncovered when excavating pile holes.

Hydrovac systems can be used to excavate pile holes for a variety of installations, such as structural supports, telephone and utility poles, footers, fence posts, and directional test holes. By directing highly pressurized water at precise angles and simultaneously extracting the water and sludge in an environmentally-friendly way, hydrovac systems are far better than traditional pile hole excavation methods.

Line Locating


When you need to locate pipes, electric cables, fiber optics, and other underground utilities that can be easily damaged with traditional excavating and locating services, hydrovac excavating is the perfect solution. Accurate, versatile, and affordable, our line locating services are ideal for a number of applications, including:

  • Locating buried utilities
  • Mapping
  • GPS locates
  • Plant-site upgrades and repairs
  • Identifying line/pipeline crossings
  • Locating corner pins, and more

In addition to being extremely versatile, hydrovac excavation is faster and more cost-effective than hand excavation due to the sheer efficiency and speed at which a line can be located and cleared.



Referred to as potholing by some, daylighting is the process of exposing underground utilities via vacuum excavation. Hydrovac daylighting services are much more efficient than traditional daylighting methods, allowing them to boost productivity, increase project safety, and lower project costs. With so many advantages, more and more industries are utilizing hydrovac daylighting for a variety of applications, such as utility and pipeline crossings, visual identification of underground lines, Subsurface Utility Engineering test holes, directional drilling test holes, and more.

Committed to providing Edmonton with reliable, efficient, and effective daylighting services, our Hydrovac team is well-versed in the industry’s latest practices and takes great pride in being the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution possible.


As a rather recent revelation in the world of subsurface workspaces, hydrovac shoring is quickly becoming the most popular shoring method used today. With hydrovac shoring, a hydrovac daylights and locates an underground line. Then, it secures the walls of the excavation site and sinks the shoring in place by pulling material from the cage, resulting in a quick and cost-effective way of providing safe access for workers. Best of all, hydrovac shoring adheres to regulatory standards and has little to no environmental impact.

Some of the many benefits of hydrovac shoring include:

  • Minimizes ground disturbance and excavation size
  • Maintains the integrity of the surrounding ground
  • Provides shoring cages and shields in a quick and effective manner
  • Able to be used for sites with limited access
  • Provides safe access to underground lines and buried infrastructure
  • Can be used with unstable ground conditions
  • Prevents cave-ins and enhances safety on the work site

Culvert Cleaning

Dirt and grass is infamous for clogging culverts and blocking the proper flow of water. Thankfully, clogged culverts can easily be cleaned with our hydrovac services. Utilizing highly pressurized water, dirt, grass, and other debris can be easily broken up without risking or damaging the culvert itself. As the dirt, grass, and debris turns into a muddy sludge, we then use our high-powered vacuum to quickly and effortlessly remove the sludge and leave the area free of debris allowing water to flow as it should.

Prior to hydrovacs, culvert cleaning could only be done with multiple workers painstakingly utilizing hand-held devices. However, thanks to today’s high-performance hydrovac trucks, culvert cleaning can be done much more quickly and efficiently, saving clients both money and time.

Professional hydrovac crews can remove virtually any type of soil, sludge, debris, and material. Whether it’s wet or dry, culvert-clogging material can be removed from remote distances hundreds of feet away, allowing for the cleanup of several culverts without even having to move the truck. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Manhole Cleaning

Cleaning is the first step in sewer maintenance and restoration. Utilizing the latest in high-velocity hydrovac units and an array of proven ancillary equipment, our hydrovac pros can tackle any manhole cleaning project in an environmentally-responsible way.

From big municipalities to private developers, we regularly provide hydrovac services to a variety of clients specifically for culvert and manhole cleaning. With the ability to clean quickly and effectively while leaving little to no footprint, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to hydrovac professionals for their sewer and manhole cleaning needs.

Leave It To The Pros

The days of busting pipes and ruining landscapes with 20-ton excavators are long gone. Thanks to today’s cutting-edge hydrovac services, companies in a wide variety of industries are benefitting from hydro-vacuuming’s ability to excavate, trench, locate, and clean up virtually anything in no time with little to no environmental impact. When you factor in the low cost of hydrovacing in comparison to other methods and the many things these revolutionary systems can do, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to hydrovac systems for their excavation, shoring, line locating, and cleaning needs. Give Hydrovac Edmonton a call for any hydrovacing you need.

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