What is Hydrovac?

How does hydrovac excavation work?

High pressure jets of water are used to loosen the material that wants to be removed.

Then a strong vacuum is used to extract the loose material and store it in an onboard tank. The material is then disposed, adhering to all environmental protocols and standards.

Hydrovac trucks can be used to excavate and/or cleanup virtually any material.

Why use water for excavation?

Using water for excavating has some key benefits over most other forms of excavation:

  • Water is a universal solvent. It can break up most soils, clays and other hard packed materials with ease
  • Water kills static electricity. This is eliminates the hazard of static discharge as an ignition source. As such, hydrovac excavation can be used in more critical applications where hazardous environments can be present.
  • Warm water can be used to excavate frozen ground. This allows for delicate excavation be to performed year-round.
Why is hydrovac excavation better?

Here of some of the reason why hydrovac excavation is the best form of excavation.

  • By far the most delicate and safe method of excavation
  • Reduce restoration costs
  • Helps prevent hazardous strikes or damage to any equipment and underground utilities
  • Hydrovac can be used in limited access areas
  • Can be used to extract material from tanks, culverts, ditches and other tricky areas
  • Generally twice as fast as mechanical excavation
  • Safely cleanup hazardous material spills
  • Versatile, can be used for trenching and drilling (piles, utility lines)
Hydrovac is the GREEN choice

Using Hydrovac trucks are an environmentally friendly alternative to other excavation methods. The environmental benefits include:

  • Minimizing dust and debris from falling off of haul trucks leaving site. This material can make it into waterways
  • Hydrovac is the most effective way to remove and clean up toxic spills. By sucking up and rinsing the contaminated area thoroughly we can minimize the impact spills can have on the environment.
  • Excavation can be performed in a very precise manner, leaving the surrounding flora and fauna undisturbed. This leaves reduces the chance of erosion occurring after your project.
Why should I use a Hydrovac Excavation?

It is more important than ever to try and use cost effective and environmentally conscious options whenever possible. This makes yydrovac excavation on easy choice.  Our hydrovac company is a safe, non-destructive choice over traditional digging.  The safest option for uncovering and exposing buried services and a the best option for removing material from delicate areas leaving buried utilities, plants and equipment undisturbed.

Our method is generally twice as fast when compared to traditional mechanical digging. Most importantly, using our hydrovac services will get the job done safely, efficiently the first time.

What industries can use a Hydrovac truck?

All industries that require material removed. To mention a few:

  • Property management companies
  • Civil
  • Municipal
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utility providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Residential construction

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